Rouge looms

An example of a heirloom set

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What are heirlooms?Edit

Heirlooms are a special type of armour that adapt to your characters level. For example, on lvl 1 the stamina stat on the armour is one but on lvl 20 it is 4. They are account bound, which means they can be sent to all your characters (on the same realm) but not to other players. They are named after some world of warcraft classic (vanilla) items. For example, the heirloom: Stained Shadowcraft Tunic was named after the item in WoW classic: Shadowcraft Tunic.

Daenrand Dawncrest

Daenrand Dawncrest in darkmoon faire

You get heirlooms for either Justice Points (you get them through dungeons and raids lvl 70+, although cataclysm raids and heroic dungeons give you valor points instead), Honor points (PvP), Champions Seal (in Argent Tournament, icecrown) or Darkmoon Prize Ticket (in Darkmoon Faire from DaenrandDawncrest).

Heirlooms are very useful to people mainly because they increase expierence gain speed. Heirloom shoulders/chest/head items give 10% more xp gain each and the cloak gives you 5% xp gain more.

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