Mystical set of elements

Mystical Set of Elements

Mail items are mainly good for shamans and hunters, but paladins, warriors and death knights can use them too. As in leather, there are two types:

1. Intellect, stamina: For spellcasters and healers. Perfect for elemental and restoration shamans, holy paladins use it too becasue there are only plate shoulders for healing.

2. Agility, stamina: for DPS. Perfect for hunters, but also very good for fury warriors. Death knights, warriors and paladins can use it too, even though it doesnt give them strength, but its good for lvling, as heirlooms give you more expierience gained.

Name Type Stats Source Price
PvE Vendor 2175 Justice points
PvE Vendor 2175 Justice points


2175 Honor points
PvP Vendor 2175 Honour points
PvE Vendor 2175 Justice points
[Mystical Kilt of Elements] PvE Intellect,stamina,spirit,crit Unknown Unknown
[Mystical Coif of Elements] PvE Intellect,stamina,spirit,crit Guild Vendor 1500g
[Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm] PvE Agility,stamina,haste,hit Guild Vendor 1500g
[Tarnished Leggings of Destruction] PvE Stamina,agility,crit,haste Unknown Unknown